Equity Analyst Training Series 1

A day in the life of an  equity analyst: 4 Important Keys To Know As An Equity Analyst

Time & Date

Start Running on September 2013


This subject will give participants the knowledge for anyone interested in starting or building career as an Equity Analyst. The training will consist of the overview of financial market structure, the roles of equity analyst, principal of equity research and fundamental concept of equity valuation.  


  • Understand key terminologies and jargons in financial markets
  • Learn structures of financial markets and their interrelation
  • Comprehend the roles and position of different participants in financial markets
  • Understand the basic roles of Equity Analyst and their equity research
  • Learn the basic fundamental of equity valuation


  • Financial market structure and players
  • Roles and function of sell-side and buy-side
  • Investment banking and its hierarchy
  • Structured financial products
  • Various types of asset management companies
  • Jobs of Equity Analyst
  • Understand the principle of getting knowledge and information effectively
  • Fundamental of equity valuation

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