Since it's founding in 2003, IRAI has catered reputable clients from both private and public sectors that range from governmental institutions, banks, corporations, financial institutions, multilateral organizations, and non-profit organization. The following case studies demonstrate the variety of solutions we have offered to a diverse list of clientele.


Project Empowerment

The World Bank has selected IRAI as the consultant to conduct a management review on the governmnent's national flagship program for poverty eradication (PNPM - www.pnpm-mandiri.org) .

What we are doing
From IRAI's management review, IRAI isdevising innovative and strategic methods to both evaluate the issues and provides possible and realistic solutions to solve the.

Project Paper

A major player in the paper industry required an independent view to develop its strategic plan. The company wanted to improve its capital structure in order to accommodate its expansion plan.

What we did
IRAI developed strategic recommendations based on comprehensive research, financial modeling, and meeting sessions with the board of directors and owners.

The outcome
The company implemented our recommendations and succeeded.

Project Ruby
A foreign energy conglomerate needed an investment screening and industry outlook study for the Indonesian power sector. The client was interested in entering the market due to the attractiveness of the Indonesian power sector that is supported by sound electrical supply expansion programs and a diversification of energy sources.

What we did
IRAI conducted studies on the Indonesian power sector developed investment opportunity pipeline, and conducted the screening.

The outcome
The client received a guideline formulated by IRAI for private investment in the power sector. The client proceeded into further exploration on existing opportunities in the sector.

Project Derivative A
A state-owned enterprise was lead into a money-losing long term derivative contract with a bank due to unfavorable currency movement and needed to minimalize losses. The bank did not provide full explanation and disclosure on the risk-return profile of the products. The client was also unable to price the potential risks of the contracts.

What we did
IRAI performed a full financial assessment on the products to prove the unfairness of the contracts. IRAI also represented the client during discussions with the regulating body.

The outcome
The bank absorbed 100% losses and IRAI prevented further loss by doing a standstill.

Project Power
A majority owner of the first coal-fired IPP that was completed without a government guarantee underwent an extremely tight schedule to build the project and needed funding.

What we did
IRAI conducted commercial and financial reviews of the project and liaised with the stakeholders to understand the background and critical milestones during the project development. We also reviewed the business and financial procedures of the company.

The outcome
We completed the preliminary assessment and analyst of the project and prepared the investment opportunity to be distributed to potential investors.

Project Red
A group of foreign bondholders holding pledge shares in a company needed investor protection. The client could not enforce the collateral despite an event of default and a detrimental corporate action by the principal of the company.

What we did
The corporate action was suspended after numerous discussions between IRAI and the regulator. From then on, IRAI and the regulator worked closely to prevent other detrimental efforts by the principal of the company. IRAI also provided policy options to the client.

The outcome
IRAI prevented the dilution of the collateral and reversed the process to protect the bondholders; interest. IRAI also assisted the regulator in launching an investigation effort on the case,


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