Equity Analyst Training Series

IRAI Capital Market Training was founded by Lin Che Wei, CFA in 2010. IRAI Capital Market Training is Indonesia’s premier financial education and training program that offers enhancement in career path for finance professionals and job market entry for fresh graduates.

In order to provide high-quality training structure and content, IRAI has adopted several elements from the CFA level 1& 2 which is then reinterpreted into a local context and are supported by relevant case studies and personal experience.

No matter what stage you are in your career journey or how would you like to improve the capacity of your employees, IRAI will help individuals gain the confidence and skills required to make a positive impact in their environment.

For more information, please contact us at info@irai.co.id.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do we cater?

  • Finance industry professionals who are seeking to upgrade their existing skills
  • Undergraduate or graduate who are seeking careers in investment banking or capital market
  • Non-finance background professionals who seek entry into investment banking or capital market
  • Corporations
  • Government Institutions
  • Non-profit organizations

What are the areas that our training program covers?

  • M&A (Investment Banking)
  • Equity Research (Buy and Sell-side)
  • Private Equity & Hedge Funds
  • Asset Management
  • Corporate Finance of Listed Companies


Led by IRAI founder Lin Che Wei, our pool of trainers consist of finance professors and prominent finance professionals who share a strong passion to teach. Lin Che Wei’s credentials include the establishment of the Danareksa Training Institute and head jury for the CFA-IDX Capital Market Research Competition in the past 5 years. Click for the complete lists of our trainers and their profiles.