Trainer CV’s

Lin Che Wei, CFA

Founder of IRAI & Reknowned Financial Analyst

With over 15 years of experience, Lin Che Wei has been a CEO of a multinational company, a state-owned enterprise and a non-profit organization, as he was previously the CEO of SG Securities, Danareksa and Sampoerna Foundation. His public service experience includes being a special staff to the Coordinating Minister of Economic and an expert staff to the State Minister of State Owned Enterprises.

As the most well-known analyst on monetary, financial, and capital market issues in Indonesia, Lin Che Wei has been rated as one of the best analysts in the region. He regularly contributes to major Indonesian newspapers and magazines well as lectured in seminars for banks and government institutions. Lin Che Wei holds a MBA from National University of Singapore as well as a bachelors degree in Industrial Engineering from Trisakti University.


Prof. DR. Sukmawati Sukamulja

Professor in Finance at Gajah Mada, University and Atmadjaya University, & Financial Expert

Aside from her duties as an academician in both University of Atmadjaya and at Gadjah Mada University, Prof. Sukmawati is a consultant for Danareksa Training Center where she is actively engaged in capital market and wealth management, credit analysis and risk management training in various prominent multinational companies. Professor Sukmawati has been involved in many research programs and international conferences, and her writing pieces is published in many academics journals and mass media.


Ricky Mulyana

Executive Director, Trisakti School of Management

Ricky is an expert in academic affairs, building corporation with business world as well as education institution. Prior to this position he held the position as a PR Director and Vice Director for Academic Affairs at the same school and Vice and Vice President Corporate Finance. He is a senior lecture for various prominent universities in Indonesia for various finance subjects.

Ricky Mulyana holds a combined MBA degree from Institute Pengembangan Management Indonesia (IPMI) and Monash University and a Doctorate degree in Accounting from Trisakti University. He has published many papers in accounting and finance area and has been a key speaker for various financial topics at prominent institutions and companies.


Hans Kwee

Director of EMCO Asset Management

Hans Kwee is a professional trainer and analyst in technical analysis, trading techniques, money management, psychological trading and trading system.

Currently he is a Director of EMCO Asset Management and Chairman of JSX Trader Community. He actively contributes to some Indonesia magazine and has become a key speaker for various finance projects.